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Jul 31, 2011 11:00am EDT
'm vago muradian. for more than 235 years the united states marine corp has been americas elite naval force but for the past decade the marines have played a critical role in iraq. they added 30,000 marines to leten the -- lighten the load on the force. the ability to conduct large- scale amphibious operations in the face of stiff enemy opposition. the expeditionary finding vehicle was canceled plus the so-called forced entry mission survived. now as budget cuts loom, 15,000 marines will be reduced and there is cancellations, including the joint strike fighter. here to talk about this is general jamison amyous and the first aviator to hold this post. how much longer can you sustain the operations you have in afghanistan? >> we spent a long time thinking about that. i think we can sustain it for -- i hesitate to say indefinitely, but for quite a while. our forces are -- some of them are one to two. our in fantry is less than that right now. but the morale is commensurate with the good feeling that marines have about what they are doing and they feel that what they are doing is importan
Jul 23, 2011 12:00pm PDT
? >> and now "bbc newsnight." >>> the news corp. boss and his son were defined as they said they had no knowledge of wrongdoing, but our shareholders happy? >> the admission from rupert murdoch that he knew little or nothing about what was happening in certain parts of his business empire does not encourage confidence. >> a much anticipated event, but did it deliver? will anything change? >> i am an optimist. i think if they did not change, that we will get a more accountable and responsible press that is not capable of committing criminal acts. >>> rupert murdoch and his son, james, faced a grilling as british politicians attempted to find out if they know anything about alleged phone hacking. both denied any knowledge of wrongdoing and were apologetic about what went on. he described the day as the most humble of his life. investors seemingly approved of what was said. news corp.'s share price rose by the close of sale tuesday. has the storm been weathered? has dominatedng politics here for weeks, but is it just a storm in a british teacup? a global tycoon like rupert murdoch must
Jul 16, 2011 12:00pm PDT
corp.'s second biggest shareholder. and we are deep in libya as the rebels opened another friend to get rid of gaddafi. -- open another front to get rid of gaddafi. it has been another dramatic week for rupert murdoch's news corp.. the fbi has involved itself and says it has opened a preliminary inquiry into allegations that news corp. journalists sought to gain access to the phone records of victims of the september 11th attacks. members of congress from both parties have called for an inquiry as to whether u.s. citizens were being targeted. i spoke to senator barbara boxer, who sent a letter to the department of justice asking for a full investigation. but first, how the crisis has spread. >> rupert murdoch's troubles may have broken out in the british corner of his empire, but the contagion is spreading fast to his businesses worldwide. in his home and australia, where he owns almost 150 titles, the company is checking all editorial content from the past five years. politicians are wary. >> i have been pretty shocked and disgusted to see the revelations we have seen in the united kin
Jul 11, 2011 12:00pm EDT
satellite corp. 2011] >> even as president obama was holding this briefing, republicans were disagreeing with the president's plan to include cutbacks and tax breaks for the wealthy and big corporations. house speaker john boehner's office sent two e-mails to his list saying that tax hikes should never have been in the discussion. he is holding his own briefing from the capital visitors center. we plan to take your calls after this news conference. a little bit of information -- the house is in recess now until 2:00 p.m. eastern and that will be back for more work on energy and water spending for next year. also at 2:00, a meeting is scheduled to get under way between president obama and congressional lawmakers continuing the negotiations on the federal budget and raising the debt ceiling. [no audio] [no audio] [no audio] [inaudible] [no audio] >> as you saw the president's press conference, the president said there would be no deal on raising the government's debt limit it republicans won't compromise. >> good afternoon, everyone. i appreciate what the president said today about the nee
Jul 3, 2011 4:15pm EDT
would like to begin by giving you a sense of what the army air corps as it was known in 1940, that became the army air force during the war. shortly after became the united states air force. what it was like for african-americans as the united states was on the eve of war. if you take yourself back to 1939-1940 the rest of the world was already at war. japan have long invaded china. germany invaded poland by 1939. united states had not entered the war but it was a world war. franklin roosevelt knew the united states was headed for involvement in this conflict and led the nation along kicking and screaming. the army air corps was all white. the only african-americans who had positions in the army air corps worker looks, janitors, security personnel who guarded the fence around the base. the generals in charge of the army air corps like that way. they had come up in world war i when the army air corps was all white. that was the world they knew. they liked it that way and expected to stay that way. they had no plans whatsoever to include african-americans in any way in their br
Jul 18, 2011 9:00pm EDT
parent, a company you may have heard of, news corp. news corp. had a u.s.-based company called news america marketing that was already involved in the supermarket advertising business but really wanted in on the awesome floor ads. the only problem was this small new jersey company, floor graphics, was dominating the market. you say problem, news corp. says opportunity. news corp. set its sights on taking this little company down. they had the right guy to do it, according to a fortune magazine profile, crushes a rival's skull with a baseball bat. who better to take down this puny company than the baseball bat crusher guy. rupert murdoch's news america began to play hardball with floor graphics so so much so that in 2006 floor graphics had enough, filed an unfair news practice against news america. by breaking into our password protected computer system and obtaining proprietary information. this complaint filed in new jersey federal court in 2006 accuses rupert murdoch's american supermarkets services companies of hacking into their computer data base. on at least 11 separate occasi
Jul 18, 2011 7:00am EDT
commander in afghanistan hands over control to become the new head. not surprising, news corp. is in focus. they are making headlines around the world. >> this is a gathering storm. investors around the world are piling on the pressure. news corp. is traded in sydney and new york. was the australian investor's but got to react to the news over the weekend. the resignation of their office scandal, the rest of rebekah brooks -- the of rest of rebekah brooks, news corp. closed down over 4%. overall, the biggest picture since the beginning of july, news corp. has lost $10 billion, just wiped off their value. i mention storm clouds, as you said, they are coming from all directions at the moment. politicians calling for their own investigation in the united states. two possible investigations from the department of justice. stop the press, they make one- third of their revenue from basically holding that license. on top of that, the ongoing pressure for political investigations. we were told that all of this could cause news corp. to think about its commitment. saying it would have very negativ
Jul 13, 2011 6:30pm PDT
mounts from a phone hacking scandal, news corp pulls the plug on a $12 billion deal. we look at the hit to rupert murdoch's giant media empire. it's "nightly business report" for wednesday, july 13. this is "nightly business report" with susie gharib and tom hudson. "nightly business report" is made possible by: this program is made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. captioning sponsored by wpbt >> susie: good evening everyone. late today, the aaa credit rating of the united states was officially put on notice. moody's investor service placed the government's bond rating on review for possible downgrade. without a debt deal on capitol hill, moody's points to a "small but rising risk of a short-lived default" tom, that warning comes as the federal reserve says its ready to add more fuel to the economy if the recovery runs out of gas. >> tom: susie, fed chairman ben bernanke made that pledge during his semiannual congressional testimony today. that helped investor confidence, at least initially. stocks rallied sharply during the chairman's testimony but b
Jul 19, 2011 1:00am PDT
tonight. >>> i'm zain verjee at cnn in london. in britain, members of parliament will pepper news corp chief rupert murdoch with tough questions later today, outraged over a string of allegations reporters for the paper hacked mobile phones to get scoops. murdoch's apologized. much more on the story justice ahead on "world business today." one of the first journal itss who exposed phone hacking by "news of the world" has been found dead. sean ward said andy coulson hacked into phones. police are not treating the death as suspicious. >>> a u.s. official says a meeting between the u.s. and libya at the weekend was meant to deliver one message, that moammar gadhafi must go. libya called the face-to-face talks in tunisia a first step. the u.s. says the meeting was a one-off event. >>> the women's world cup team soaked up the limelight after bringing japan its first cup title. japan's the first asian nation with a world cup championship. those are the headlines. auto' jane verjee at cnn in london. "world business today" starts now. >> a very good afternoon to you from cnn hong kong, i'm ali
Jul 12, 2011 4:00am EDT
charred news corp's reputation but haven't dissuaded him to take over the satellite tv company british sky broadcasting. news corp decided to let regulators rather than lawmakers have the final say on the taker. >> reporter: rupert murdoch has upped the stakes to take over bskyb. until the hacking scandal hit its empire last week it was skpted murdoch would be allowed to buy the 60% his news corp doesn't already own. on monday news corp formally withdrew pledges to sell off sky news. the company has given the government little choice but to refer the proposed takeover to competition authorities. >> it will mean that the competition commission will be able to give further full and exhaustive consideration of this merger taking into account all relevant recent developments. >> this takes the decision whether news corp can take over bskyb away from politicians and slows the whole process down. >> it's obviously politically unexpedient to allow the takeover to go through and the government have got to find a way of delaying it. this is their way of delaying it, the fig leaf for delay before bs
Jul 13, 2011 5:30pm PDT
again for us tonight. stephanie, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. well, news corps got beaten up all day today by british politicians both before and after they dropped out of the bid. one of their fiercest critics, former prime minister gordon brown, who accused murdock's papers of law breaking on what he calls an industrial scale. >> order! order! >> reporter: in parliament today politicians for once found something they could agree on. rupert murdock's news corporation, they said should drop its bid for british tv network bskyb. >> they've got to stop talking about mergers until they sort out the mess they created. >> reporter: but even before they voted, news corps, beat them to it. >> they have decided in the last few moments that it will withdraw. >> reporter: announcing they would walk away from the biggest merger in the corporation's history, potentially worth billions, in a statement they said they would walk away from a deal potentially worth billions. the company said it has become clear that it is too difficult to progress in this climate. the climate turned
Jul 14, 2011 12:30am PDT
.k. >> news corp. has withdrawn its controversial bid for a full takeover of the state -- b sky b. a warning, this report from our business editor contains some flash photography. >> rupert murdoch, the great news murder -- news mobile, in the news for what he would see as the wrong reasons. putting on one of the great humiliations' of his career, the abandonment of his attempt to buy all british broadcasting. in his statement he said, "we believe the proposed acquisition would benefit both companies, but it has become clear that it is too difficult to progress in this climate." that adverse climate, protest outside parliament and inside, about the b sky b deal. and after the deal is off? >> i think this is the right decision. this company clearly needs to sort out the problems at news international and at news of the world. it is also the right decision for the country, too. >> it is the second setback for mr. murdoch. just days ago he closed the news of the world because of the allegations that they instigated the alleged hijacking of a phone of a murder teenager, and the phone of the pare
Jul 7, 2011 12:30am PDT
, the tabloid newspaper at the center of a hacking scandal. news corp. said it would be absolutely appalled and horrified if the allegations prove true. its owner, rupert murdoch, has ordered full cooperation with the police investigation. >> yes, there was even worse to come. the relatives of soldiers killed in iraq and afghanistan have been warned their funds may have been hacked. they joined the families of those whose loved ones were blown apart on 7/7. >> my mind went back to 2005 and the emotional turmoil that we were in. and that somebody was listening to that, it is a violation. >> also on the list of possible targets, the parents of wholey and jessica. and of course, the parents of those who were given false hope that she was still alive when her voice messages were deleted after her phone was allegedly attacked. last night, the prime minister returned from afghanistan to learn of the brewing storm. >> yes, we it -- we do need to have an inquiry into what happened. we're no longer talking about politicians and celebrities. we're talking about murder victims, potentially terrorist v
Jul 14, 2011 4:00pm PDT
. the fbi has opened an investigation into allegations that murdoch's news corp. saw to hack into the phones of september 11 victims. we start tonight's coverage with this report from our deputy political editor. >> parliament has costumed the news of the -- to answer the questions of the mp's of why so many were hacked. >> my message to rebekah brooks is do the decent thing. it cannot hide away from this level of public english. >> they were reluctant witnesses. they told the committee he could not attend the future session. james murdock said he could not come. rebekah brooks said chiappone -- welcome the opportunity to do so but would not discuss anything that relates to the ongoing police investigation. the talk was of a formal summons. the threat had worked. they change their minds but they would now be coming to answer m.p.'s questions. in the second letter, james murdock said we're running to confirm our attendance by -- and concerned where are asked to yet answer further questions in a form on top of the judge let inquiry and the police investigation. whatever the form, the questions
Jul 13, 2011 6:00pm EDT
in britain by members of the "news of the world," employees of new corp., whether those payments actually breach the foreign corrupt practices act. america takes it very seriously, and whether not there will be criminal investigations there. and the sec and attorney general have been involved. >> 9/11, of course, is a particularly sensitive subject year. do you think of these allegations are true, we will see a similar sort of political and public backlash against new corp.? >> i think it will be a firestorm, but i think it will be one that is controllable, because new corp. will be able to say, look, this is desperately unfortunate, but this was effectively now a rogue part of our organization that has been closed down, the "news of the world." and may even be that it is news international, they may well be spun off as well. >> what about the financial impact? people are watching that as well. >> the concern on wall street from analysts is one of uncertainty. that is what they do not like. these legal investigations, a possible criminal investigations create the kind of uncertainty that
Jul 20, 2011 1:00am PDT
the hearing. news corp stock jumped by 5.5% on the nasdaq to $16.25 following an extended decline over the past two years. felicia taylor measures the impact this scandal has had on news corp's bottom line. >> it was a long day of testimony before parliament and a long day for investors listening for any clues as to what might be happening at murdoch's empire. we didn't hear any surprises. that lack of uncertainty was good for the stock price. it went up about 5.5% in trading. also the coo was listening very carefully. i had a chance to talk with chase kerry and he said he thought they did a good job. i had the clans to ask whether or not he would be the one to take over as ceo. at which point he giggled and said had some fun. the good news for news corp is that the television division is the one that matters the most. that is not involved in this phone hacking scandal that we know of yet. that's what investors like. that's the revenue stream that will continue. people aren't going to stop watching fox news or fox sports simply because of this newspaper scandal. however, when it comes
Jul 14, 2011 1:00pm EDT
venture to say that while i believe it's important that the army corps of engineers has access to funding necessary to prepare for future disasters, i would say that because i'm the ranking member of emergency communications and preparedness and response. but when you consider our long overdue efforts to be able to develop a high-speed rail network that would create jobs and bring rail infrastructure into the 20th century for the united states, that also is a priority as well. i am proud to be vice chair of the bicameral high-speed rail and inner city passenger rail caucus and i'm glad we are working to increase the visibility on this issue. i long fought for bringing transportation systems into the 21st century. after all that's important to americans' lives as well, because if we are not able to traverse from one side of the country to the other, if we are not able to do it in an efficient manner, eventually we will also find ourselves without more jobs and without being able to have appropriate living conditions. when you consider that high-speed rail pays for itself significantly redu
Jul 18, 2011 5:30pm PDT
our london bureau this evening. thank you. >> murdoch's news corp. is an american company, and, thus, the scandal unfolding overseaed could have a huge effect over here. michael izikopf is with us with more on that. good evening, michael. >> good evening, brian. there are new signs tonight that the british phone hacking scandal is creating growing legal and financial troubled for one of the biggest and most powerful media companies in the world. rupert murdoch's news corp is a media giant that has brought moviegoers titanic and "avatar and cable viewers everything from the fox news network to the national geographic channel, but now the $39 billion corporate empire is facing its biggest crisis ever. the escalating scandal in great britain has already spilled over to u.s. shores. in two weeks the company's stock has dropped 21%, an $8 billion plunge in the market value. late last week, a top murdoch aide for decades and publisher of the most prestigious newspaper, "the wall street journal," resigned. there are damage signs that the damage from murdoch could spread. >> up until now, th
Jul 19, 2011 5:30am EDT
. we even have reports yesterday that some members of the board of news corp. are looking at replacing him. i'm not sure how they can do that. but the very fact that that's come up is absolutely an astounding reversal for a man who was receiptly citizen cane. >> news reports, coo, to succeed rupert murdoch. are we hearing anything from news corp. about chase carey? >> we're hearing from the, independent board members, independent directors they're called of news corp., making a statement today, very brief statement saying that they fully back rupert murdoch. so backing off from those reports. but you know, peter, so many, especially the biographers of rupert murdoch, those who know him well, are saying the name, the family, the brand, is just too tainted now. it's irreparable. >> one final thought, "the guardian" newspaper where you are is also reporting as we've been scanning the wires, that british police found a bag of trash near rebekah brooks' home that i think it reported contained a computer, a phone, and paperwork. do we know anything more about that? as the woman who first res
Jul 23, 2011 5:00am EDT
of news corp. had hacked sbo its come computer system on repeated occasions to steal information for competitive reasons. now that's come computer hacking. it's not phone hacking. the question is it part of a broader pattern of conduct here. >> on our shores? >> on our shores. if in fact proouch there would be a u.s. jurisdiction hook, which is something prosecutors in the united states would need. now, look, this is still in an early stage. there's a lot of moving pieces to this and there's a lot we don't know. the central allegation that trigger attorney general holder's directive last week was the claim that 9/11 victims in the united states had their phones hacked. as of now, we have no hard evidence that anything like that took place. we have one report from a rival newspaper in britain based on anonymous sources that this was done. nothing concrete. >> as i read your report on the new jersey case and just a hunch, but to me it said perhaps this is doj trying establish a beachhead in the united states to find out if there were some pervasive practice where this were taking p
Jul 13, 2011 2:30pm PDT
corp. has dropped their bid for bskyb. >> they clearly need to do with the problems that news international. >> 21 people were killed in a financial capital. the fighting continues to rage in libya. colonel gaddafi's forces and the rebels are still in a tug of war. the last few days have brought an incredible reversal of fortune for rupert murdoch's media empire and today can get another blow. bowling to public and political pressure, news corp. withdrew their bid for bskyb. this is in the wake of the hacking scandal. for more on how the deal went, here is the bbc's business editor. >> rupert murdoch, the great news mobile is in the news for what he would see as the wrong reasons. the great humiliations' of his career, the abandonment of his desire to get all of british news broadcasting. "we believe that the acquisition would benefit both companies it has become clear that it is too difficult to progress in this climate." this was the appalling climate for mr. murdoch. >> when such a serious cloud hangs over news corp. and a systematic pattern of deceit, does he agree with me
Jul 15, 2011 7:00am EDT
but her offer to resign last week was declined by news corp. today the company accepted. meanwhile, brooks' former boss, rupert murdoch, has gone on the defensive choosing to talk to one of his own papers if in an interview with the "wall street journal," he said the damage done to news corp's reputation are irresist viable. murdoch pledged to investigate any charges of wrong doing and defended his son james, the deputy chief operating officer. i think he acted as fasts he could, the moment he could. as for how the scandal was effecting him personally, murdoch said he was getting annoyed. i'll get over it. i'm tired. murdoch will need his rest, next tuesday the 80-year-old, his son james, and rebecca brooks will be in the hot seat taking questions on the phone hacking scandal from the british parliament. the murdoch's originally said they wouldn't attend what is bound to be a grilling, triggering a strong rebuke. >> my message to, you know, to rebecca brooks, the murdoch, is just do the decent thing. >> reporter: within hours political pressure led to a sflip flop. now all three say they w
Jul 18, 2011 11:00pm EDT
developments coming in -- news corp. owner rupert murdoch will be testifying before parliament about his company's hacking scandal. >> just because of the old tv -- they own the television networks, it doesn't mean they like being on them. they will be grilled lives by all great british politicians. >> he did not inherit this company. he built it. >> he is worried about his children, who he assumed would succeed him. >> and james murdoch has been groomed to take over the empire from its 82-year-old father. he admits to paying too high- profile victims of his newspapers and legal hacking a million dollars to keep them quiet. >> there was a particular settlement that i authorized. it was made with information that was incomplete. >> the influence is also in the spotlight. in 15 months david cameron has had 26 meetings with executives, more than twice the number of meetings he has dealt with any other media organizations. >> how powerful is rupert murdoch? >> the view of every prime minister or for the last three years is that no one can get elected without the passing of a patriarch. >> th
Jul 16, 2011 11:00pm EDT
the scandal. some say news corp should be worried about its image in america as well. >> the entire british public is engaged and what they're concerned about, what they ought to be concerned about is whether or not the american public gets engaged. if that happens, yeah, i think then you should start writing news corp's habit areas. >> news corp is the parent company of fox 5 news. >>> right now, the news edge is everywhere at 11. more unrest in the egyptian government. the egyptian foreign minister resigned today as public pressure demanding government reform intensifies. and egypt's prime minister promised to reconstruct the egyptian cabinet and demand the quicker government changes. secretary of state hillary clinton is in greece tonight and is scheduled to meet with the greece president and prime minister. their discussions are expected to focus on greece's current economic crisis. the european union is working on a new bailout package to help greece avoid an economic default. >>> president obama met with the dalai lama today. he held a 45-minute private session with the tibetan spiri
Jul 19, 2011 9:00am EDT
on that coming up. >> thank you. >>> now to the developing phone hacking scandal rocking britain news corp. chairman rupert murdoch and former newspaper editor rebecca brooks preparing to give testimony to a particle meantry panel in the next half hour british lawmakers are expected to grill them on allegations reporters hacked into phone messages. >> rupert murdoch might be late his car was surrounded by a mob outside earlier and he had to turn back a top london police chief has been answering questions over an hour we are joined by wisdom martin with the latest on what is happening in england. >> well, this keeps growing, all eyes on particle meantry enchoir for the much antis -- enquiry for the much anticipated executives we are waiting for murdoch's son jamess in charge of news corp.'s european operations and mr. murdoch himself. rebecca brooks who resigned as editor of news international newspaper is scheduled to testify next hour. >>> a second resignation from scotland yard, followed one from sunday. they said staying on would be a distraction. >>> during the last hour the commission
Jul 9, 2011 6:15pm EDT
aisle. i knew most of the members of the press corps. the only change, i had to become accustomed to my important new job and i had a new mailing address. that was pretty exciting. suddenly, i had graduated to the highest notch on the washington totem pole. first families of our country are only temporary residents of the white house. the white house is the house of the american people. the professional staff, many have been their most of their adult lives, served from one of administration to the next. giving each first family their total and immediate dedication. the parts they play it in the transfer of power it is very important. most people think the transfer of power involes the state department. that is a very important transfer. without support of the white house staff and their loyalty to their responsibilities in that marvelous house, the transition from the outgoing first family to the incoming could easily be a moving day and night. for me, i just the thought of being first lady can be very challenging. it was a demanding job, but it comes with no job description. i was tent
Jul 7, 2011 6:30pm PDT
of the towards biggest media moguls, rupert murdock's news corp. will shut down its british tabloid "news of the world." that paper may not be on your news stand, but it is a best seller in the u. k. with almost 3 million subscribesers. the decision to close it comes after revelations the paper hacked into cell phone voice mails celebrities, royalty, and a teen-age murder victim. pressure has been building with big advertisers like ford and virgin pulling their business. and even the british prime minister calling for an investigation. paul la monica is author of inside rupert's brain, he joins us from new york. so, paul, murdock has never been known to back down from controversy. why do you think he did it this time? >> i think it's a calculated gamble that he needs to take, because news corp. is also at the same time trying to convince the british government that it should be allowed to buy the rest of the cable distributor there. it's something that he's been craving for a while. they own a minority stake in it right now, and i think he probably realizes that the last thing that his co
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 2,086 (some duplicates have been removed)